£20 for a single jar of deep conditioner. F*** that.



£20, For what??

Will it grow my hair to waist length overnight? No.
Will it turn my tight curls into “desired” looser curls? No.
Will it cure alopecia? No.
Will it bring Jesus back? No.
Will it make Champagne Papi fall in love with me? F*** No.

So why are we ok to pay such prices……

Normally my staples are Palmers, Creme of Nature and Shea Moisture (Yes, I know they broke my heart last year but am poor).
I just had an urge to try TGIN and Camille Rose, so many great reviews online, so I was ready to throw some cash.

Stepped into a shop that had the full range (happy dance), looked at the prices that made me fall back. I knew these products were on the costly side but NOT THAT COSTLY?? £20-30?? Per jar, nah b****** I took off for sanity sake.

REALLY having a hard time accepting this? Why is it that afro-caribbean hair products cost so much, including the shitty products that don’t do anything.
Why are we going about our business like it’s “normal”. Why should the texture of my hair be a way for companies to take advantage like this, it almost angers me as much as having to flipping pay tax on sanitary towels. Pads/tampons should be FREE like condoms, afro hair care should NOT cost double of other hair textures products, for what!!
I hope this isn’t just me thinking “oh hold on, why am I paying this much money”.

Why should my haircare cost more than my monthly phone bill and grocery shop? I’ll gladly keep my coins for more important things than just my hair. As much as I love my crown, it should never take over your finances and get you breaking into your savings for that little expensive jar of conditioner. Not at All. Am Out.

Sometimes cost doesn’t determine how good a product is. Even some cheaper versions can be really great, unsung heroes you may say. My recommended staples the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formulae and Cocoa Butter formulae range.

PSST: Free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and gluten 😀 and affordable!

Palmer’s Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo ( RRP £3.99). Now with a dash of JBCO, this has really done my hair justice the past 2 years. It’s left it feeling really clean and noticeably soft, as said by my hairdresser, especially when it’s used in conjunction with the other palmer products. I was blown away by how I can detangle my hair with this shampoo as it does have some slip in it almost like the conditioners.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Restoring Conditioner (RRP £3.99). I’ve only recently purchased this, about a month ago and I can’t say anything negative. It’s done what it says on the bottle and offers really great slip in my hair, perfect for detangling and has a little tingle from the peppermint oil.


Palmer’s Olive Oil Co-wash cleansing conditioner (RRP £5.99). My top product from palmers as it can replace a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and an amazing detangle. It smells divine (well for me, it doesn’t have a strong odour) and great for refreshing your hair mid-week.

oo cc

Palmer’s Olive Oil Leave-in conditioner (RRP £4.99). Consistency is just right to set my hair at night as it’s more on the watery side but with some thickness (if that makes sense) doesn’t have a strong/sweet smell however, great moisturiser.

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Wondering why so much olive oil, where is the coconut oil, well that’s the stuff that works with my hair and doesn’t leave it crispy like Coconut oil. My main oil is extra virgin olive oil mixed with an essential oil (peppermint).
I mean EVOO is like a super oil, rich in fatty acids, prevents dandruff, improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles with essential nutrients and unsaturated fats and helps seal moisture in the hair shaft, preventing dryness and breakage. It is  AFFORDABLE too!
Peppermint essential oil is known for stimulating blood flow in the scalp, drawing nutrients into the bloodstream to your hair follicles, which in turn helps with hair growth.
Just do the LCO/LOC method with some of these bad boys and a bit of Shea Butter (£3.99+ at local hair shops) or Africa’s Best Organic Olive Oil cream therapy (£2.99 at local hair shops). Yes I know it has Dimethicone, but a good clarifying shampoo will do the trick! Especially Dudu Osun black soap (£0.99 at local hair shops but sell out so fast)!

£30 for products that last me for months, plus small handful of products and natural products is good for your natural hair journey to healthy luscious hair ! 

{{{I hope this helps anyone trying to save money. Don’t get me wrong, I do occasional purchases of £10 a jar only if it is a buy one, get one 1/2 the price, 3 for 2 offers etc. Do what works best for you and share your thoughts?}}}

How Shea (Becky) Moisture broke my heart

Hey! Mulishani! It’s been a while!

Well, we all know about Shea Moisture’s hiccup ‘Pepsi’ commercial featuring a black woman of mixed heritage, and two white women that created a stir in the community. Wondering what went wrong, well…..

Besides under-representing black hair by only showing one hair type with much looser curls in the commercial, Shea “Becky” Moisture had the audacity to show hair hate, in a very white washed stereotypical way?? How can white women have hair hate when their hair is the standard of beauty? I don’t get it either….I know we all have bad hair days but Shea has that hair type ever been considered and called “bad hair” “ugly” “unkempt” “unprofessional” “nappy” “disgusting” “rough” “brillo pad” “sisal” “pubic hair”! Yep….

Personally, I am heart broken, Shea Moisture missed the point they tried bringing across, “unity” but rather caused further division and discrimination! Forgetting it’s roots and the reason why it is here today! As if suggesting changing the formulae wasn’t bad enough. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye Shea “Becky” Moisture and hello homemade hair care recipe time (and other brands like ORS)!!

Just the fact that majority hair brands cater to non-black customers, the one successful and best black hair care I’ve ever had in my life is gradually cutting out black women of coarser hair like mine is just heart-breaking. I depended on this brand for nearly 2 years and even called it my forever brand, I was willing to spend a chunk of my hard earned money and then get exploited! F*** that, I’ll keep my money and move on.

Rant over, it’s time to whip up magic in my hair kitchen :P.


Stay Tuned for my progress!