How Shea (Becky) Moisture broke my heart

Hey! Mulishani! It’s been a while!

Well, we all know about Shea Moisture’s hiccup ‘Pepsi’ commercial featuring a black woman of mixed heritage, and two white women that created a stir in the community. Wondering what went wrong, well…..

Besides under-representing black hair by only showing one hair type with much looser curls in the commercial, Shea “Becky” Moisture had the audacity to show hair hate, in a very white washed stereotypical way?? How can white women have hair hate when their hair is the standard of beauty? I don’t get it either….I know we all have bad hair days but Shea has that hair type ever been considered and called “bad hair” “ugly” “unkempt” “unprofessional” “nappy” “disgusting” “rough” “brillo pad” “sisal” “pubic hair”! Yep….

Personally, I am heart broken, Shea Moisture missed the point they tried bringing across, “unity” but rather caused further division and discrimination! Forgetting it’s roots and the reason why it is here today! As if suggesting changing the formulae wasn’t bad enough. Anyway, I guess this is goodbye Shea “Becky” Moisture and hello homemade hair care recipe time (and other brands like ORS)!!

Just the fact that majority hair brands cater to non-black customers, the one successful and best black hair care I’ve ever had in my life is gradually cutting out black women of coarser hair like mine is just heart-breaking. I depended on this brand for nearly 2 years and even called it my forever brand, I was willing to spend a chunk of my hard earned money and then get exploited! F*** that, I’ll keep my money and move on.

Rant over, it’s time to whip up magic in my hair kitchen :P.


Stay Tuned for my progress!